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Weatherability of PVC building materials index

Posted at: MONday - 22/07/2013 08:39 - post name: hai duong
pvc foam celuka

pvc foam celuka

PVC foam board is part of the PVC building materials, PVC building material specification is one of the most important items in weatherability, how to enhance the weatherability of PVC building materials have become an important research project. World there are two techniques to enhance the weatherability of PVC building materials: titanium oxide mixed the first is improving weatherability, second is using nano-cerium oxide to improve weather resistance.

First,by mixing titanium dioxide to improve weather resistance, titanium dioxide can improve weatherability of PVC building materials and hiding power, prevent fading and easy coloring, trapped in the oxidation of titanium in PVC building materials commonly used. But now in vinyl chloride resin based material mixed only added in the rutile type sharp titanium titanium oxide, not yet fully improved weatherability.

Testing shows that vinyl chloride resin based material add the mixture ratio of 1.3:1 rutile and sharp titanium titanium oxide mixture consisting of titanium oxide, titanium oxide can be brought into full play the role, and further enhance the weatherability and excellent coverage, prevent fading effect is better. In addition, and mixed with high resin and additive to improve the weathering technology group, with hybrid technology of titanium oxide, lower production cost. These two technologies simple, applied to pipes, profiles, cover surface production of PVC building materials such as wood.

Second, using nano-cerium oxide to improve past weather resistance, for improving weatherability of PVC building materials is adding benzene in light of vinyl chloride resin and UV absorbers such as a ketone and benzene. But because of the UV absorbers. Because of UV absorbers under the action of heat and light volatile and deterioration of metamorphic, to make the weatherability of PVC building materials to retain high. In addition, deterioration of UV absorbers will undermine the transparency of PVC building materials. Vinyl resins, stabilizers, slip agents, processing AIDS, modifiers, plasticizers, fillers, anti-oxidants, UV absorbent mixture consisting of adding Nano-cerium oxide or use it to replace UV absorber, can significantly enhance the weatherability of PVC building materials, keep long-term good mechanical strength and transparency.

As take 100 min PVC, and 3.9 copies organic Tin class stability agent, and 0.5 copies fatty acids calcium, and 1 copies acrylic ester, and 5 copies methyl c acid ester a d II vinyl a stupid vinyl modified sexual agent, and 0.2 copies polyethylene Prince composition of mixed material in the added 1 copies grain diameter for 6nm of oxidation CE, placed mixed machine in the mixed, then placed double roll mill in the Yu 180 ℃ Xia mixed refining 3 minutes, made thickness for 1mm of tablets shaped real. The flap comp, preheating under 3 minutes in 180 ℃, pressure of 5mPa pressed 4 minutes, made from 2mm thickness of the test piece, using chroma colorimeter determination of transparency and light carbon-arc exposure and tonal change. Results showed that using nano-cerium oxide UV absorbers, significantly improved weather resistance, transparency and tone has remained virtually unchanged for a long time.

The above two techniques in current use is also very broad, experiments showed that these two technologies in improving weatherability of PVC building materials, maintain has a clear effect on the tone.


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